Theft at Gorny & Mosch, Munich

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May 10, 2012 – On Sunday, the 6th of May, unknown people broke into the Gorny & Mosch gallery in Munich and stole many coins. Be careful if you find any of them offered. We publish a comprehensive list.

Ancient gold coins

Byzantium, Constans II, tremissis (1.43 g).

Byzantium, Constans II, solidus.

Macedonian Kings, Philipp III Arrhidaios, AV-stater.

Thracian Kings, Lysimachus, AV-stater.

Byzantium, Justin II, tremissis.

Byzantium, Anastasius I, solidus.

Byzantium, Mauricius Tiberius, solidus.

Ancient coins

Parthians, Parthamaspates, drachm (3.64 g).

Indo-Scythians, Azes I, tetradrachm (9.29 g).

Roman Republic, anonymus, denarius (3.15 g).

Roman Republic, Ruder, denarius (3.5 g).

Roman Republic, P. Licinius Nerva, denarius (3.69 g).

Roman Republic, Q. Lutatius Cerco, denarius (3.97 g).

Parthians, Mithradates II, tetradrachm (15.98 g).

Thessaly, drachm (5.02 g).

Thessaly, diobolus (1.12 g).

Thracian Kings, Saratocus (0.89 g).

Roman provinces, Egypt, Galba, billon-tetradrachm (12.38 g).

Roman provinces, Cilicia, Gordianus III, AE (22.94 g).

Roman Republic, L. Calpurnius Piso Frugi, denarius (3.99 g).

Macedonian Kings, Alexander III, tetradrachm.

Cilicia, Mazaius, stater (10.87 g).

Roman Republic, Sextus Pompeius Magnus Pius, denarius (3.79 g).

Zeugitania, EL-stater (7.30 g).

German States Gold

Baden, Frederick I, 10 Mark 1881 G.

Bavaria, Otto II, 10 Mark 1907 D.

Prussia, Wilhelm II, 20 Mark 1888 A.

Prussia, Wilhelm II, 20 Mark 1909 A.

Prussia, Wilhelm II, 20 Mark 1914 A.

Prussia, Wilhelm I, 10 Mark 1875 C.

Prussia, Frederick III, 10 Mark 1888 A.

Baden, Frederick I, 10 Mark 1877 G.

Wurtemberg, Karl, 10 Mark 1876 F.

Wurtemberg, Wilhelm II, 10 Mark 1898 F.

Prussia, Wilhelm II, 10 Mark 1893 A.

Prussia, Wilhelm I, 20 Mark 1878 C.

Prussia, Frederick III, 20 Mark 1888 A.

If you encounter any of these objects, please contact directly Gorny & Mosch.