The “White Gadoury” is available again!

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April 12, 2012 – The “White Gadoury” – every collector of French coins knows what book we are speaking of. It is indeed the most important catalogue on royal coins of France from Louis XIII to Louis XVI. For a long time this reference work of French numismatics was out of print. Now it has been made available again to all collectors.

Monnaies royales françaises: Louis XIII à Louis XVI, 1610-1792 – Cuivre, billon, argent, or. Éditions Victor Gadoury Monaco 2012. 503 p. with color photos. Hardbound in imitation leather. 14,5 x 20,5 cm. ISBN 2-906602-40-X. 49 Euros.

In 1978 Victor Gadoury decided to publish this catalogue. It was a service done to the collectors. And they thanked him for that. On coin conventions all over the world you see them looking for French coins with this book under the arm.
The catalogue is easy to handle and allows quick consultation helping thus not only innumerable collectors but at the same time intensifying the research. Hence there were big leaps forward from the 1978 “White Gadoury” to the 2012 edition.

Naturally there are still all issues of the French kings, still presented in the same order, going from small to large, from bronze to silver to gold. And of course each coin is valued according to three qualities: Fine, Very fine and Extremely Fine. However, once the editors listed the highly debated mintage numbers, now they only indicate the rarity on the market according to six levels.

The catalogue is completely in color and comprises 363 numbers graded according to different types. Each type is presented with a real size photo and a specific name that has since long become a characteristic description in auction catalogues all over the world. Metal and fineness, official weight, diameter and engraver are also indicated. Each type is valued by years of issue and mints and by the fact whether the coin was minted on a new blank or on a reused one. Information on coin edicts on behalf of the coin type in question complete the work. A comprehensive list of mint masters’ symbols help with the exact description of the specimen; a bibliographical list is for those looking for further information.

The “White Gadoury” is a standard work of numismatics, that all those concerned with French coins should possess in the newest edition.

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