The trillion dollar coin to come – as private essay for $9.95

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March 14, 2013 – In the course of the US financial and debt crisis the trillion dollar bullion coin has become famous. The idea was to mint one platinum coin with a face value of one trillion dollar. This coin was to be ‘sold’ to the Fed at face value. That sort of trick could have preserved the government’s possibility to act without regard of the opposition’s resistance in the Senate. In the end not even the administration wanted to recur to such a dubious act. Nevertheless, you can now buy a one trillion dollar coin – as private essay.

The Pennsylvanian private mint American Mint has announced a round object made of copper and platinum clad. This object is called ‘1 Trillion Dollar Coin Trial’. What that means explains the ad on the mint’s website: ‘Our artists’ interpretation of what the Trillion Dollar Coin would look like if the Government were to issue one.’ To be sure to not run into legal problems on the obverse is engraved: ‘trial pattern no legal tender’. To put it another way: This is a piece of American business sense praised at $9.95.

You can find this new issue on the website of the American Mint.

More details about the one trillion dollar bullion coin are given in this article.