“The Token Book 3 – Tickets & Passes and their Values” released

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February 9, 2017 – Having been in preparation for over 20 years, “The Token Book 3 – Tickets & Passes and their Values” is based on “Tickets and Passes: struck or Engraved on Metal, Ivory, etc. for use at Theatres, Public Gardens, Shows, Exhibitions, Clubs, Societies, Schools and Colleges; also Truck Tickets, Colliery Checks, Railway Passes, Gambling, Lottery and Racing Tickets, etc.”, by W.J. Davis & A.J. Waters, which was delayed by the 1914-18 war and not published until 1922.

Paul and Bente R. Withers, The Token Book 3 – Tickets and Passes and their Values. Galata. Llanfyllin (UK) 2016. Hardbound, 432 pages, illustrated in color throughout, size A4. ISBN: 1908715103. GBP130 plus postage.

Additions from the Montague Guest catalogue

To make it better still, the Galata publishing company has combined it with those items in the Montague Guest catalogue (“Catalogue of the Montague Guest collection of Badges, Tokens and Passes presented in 1907 to the Department of British and mediaeval antiquities, British Museum.” R.A. Smith, 1930) that were not already in D&W. It includes estimated values. The D&W original was printed in an edition of just 150 copies, and even the Spink 1974 reprint is now long out of print and so much in demand that US book dealers are asking 350 USD.

Much of the popularity of the D&W and MG catalogues was because they sometimes had information about the pieces, and / or the establishments that issued them, in what Davis and Waters called ‘Occasional Notes’. To make this new volume even more useful the number, length and scope of the notes have been greatly increased.

Entries and listings

The new work has more than 3050 carefully-selected entries. Further, the original works have been corrected, expanded and, where possible, illustrated in color, for over 2,600 of the listings. Valuations and/or rarity for the majority of the listings, which include: Theatres (66), Music halls (46), Touring Concerts (1), Theatre & cinema advertising (4), Charlie Chaplin (1), Good Luck Ringed Farthings (1), Shows and fairs (1), Circuses (4), Museums & exhibitions (11), Assembly rooms & ballrooms (3), Music & glee societies (9), Private parks (2), Private roads, piers etc., (3), Zoos (1), Gardens, grounds, lakes & bowling greens (38), Sports grounds, clubs & events (10), Archery & shooting (2), Cock fighting (1), Horse racing (7), Gambling, Anti-gambling (12), Lottery tickets (2), Caledonian, Celtic, druidical societies (3), Fraternal societies (1), Gentlemen’s & convivial clubs (4), Quasi-masonic (3), Birth-Night societies (1), Women’s clubs (1), Miscellaneous & unidentified clubs (10), Political (6), Elections (2), Pitt clubs (3), Loyal associations & Union Clubs, Jacobites (6), Amicable, benevolent, friendly, mutual benefit, sick, death & dividend societies (23), Foresters, Oddfellows, etc., (5), Building societies (1), Money societies (7), Life saving (2), Charities (1), Poor relief, dole & bread tickets (1), Soup & charity kitchens (2), Coffee houses (9), Temperance and Anti-tobacco (3) Hotels & restaurants (2), Anti-slavery (1), Religion & missionary (1), Death and cremation (1) Truck tickets & work tokens (11), Copperas tokens (1), Trade associations (1), Trade unions & societies (3), Working men’s clubs (1), Agriculture (2), Mechanics institutes etc. (1), Learned & literary societies (8), Medicine & hospitals (1), Boundary tokens (3), Utilities & corporations (2), Public & private baths & spas (3), Guild & company medals (1), London stock exchange (1), Libraries, police & fire service (3), Militias, etc., (1), Railways (13), Tramways (1), Ship, dock, bridge & ferry tickets (10), Shop tickets & private tokens (2), Sentimental Magazine tokens (1), Numismatic medals & tokens (15), Bibliography (1), Photo acknowledgements (2), Indexes (10).

The number in parentheses after each subject is the number of A4 pages in each section. Each section has been researched and the extra items in each section chosen so as to permit valuations and illustration of the subject.

The edition is limited to 250 copies.

Further details are available on the Galata website.

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