The Secrets of the Rare Coin and Bullion Markets

Michael Garofalo, Secrets of the Rare Coin & Bullion Business from a Lifelong Trader. The How-to Price Guide for Everyone. CDN Publishing, Virginia Beach, 2022. 170 pp., Full color throughout with hundreds of illustrations. Softcover. 9781734223972. $7,49 (digital) / $14,99 (mailed).
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“Never be apprehensive again, when walking the aisles of a major coin show – this book will help you!” exclaimed Mike Garofalo, a 40 year + veteran of the Rare Coin and Bullion businesses. Garofalo has authored a new book titled “Secrets of the Rare Coin and Bullion Business – from a Lifelong Trader.”

In 170 pages, Garofalo explores the worlds of buying and selling Rare Coins and Bullion. From determining whether an item actually is Numismatic, Semi-Numismatic, or Bullion, to a thorough examination of how to accurately price an item using available sources, this book explains it all. He lifts the veil of secrecy as to what are the normal premiums are that one should expect to pay for common, scarce, or rare items. This book successfully attempts to cover what coin collectors, bullion investors and coin dealers should know and understand.

Raw and certified coins are covered as are discussions about NGC, PCGS and CAC and how coins from these companies should be priced in the marketplace. An in-depth discussion about online buying and selling, as well as how Covid and other “Black Swan” events can, and do, affect these markets.

Most importantly, Garofalo discusses the relationships that collectors and investors need to have with their dealers and offers tips on how to buy or sell coins effectively, by cultivating the strong relationships with your chosen dealers. But not only does this book offer sage advice for collectors and investors, there is also a chapter for novice coin dealers or for anyone considering entering the business. Garofalo also included advice from a number of the most well-known dealers in the marketplace today and shares their advice with you. The book was expertly edited by Patrick Ian Perez, Vice President of CDN Publishing.

Garofalo brings a unique perspective to this book, as he has spent more than 40 years as a Professional Numismatist. He started as many dealers do, first as a collector and investor in Rare Coins and Bullion. The passion for learning about what affects coin prices and sharing that knowledge has only grown over the decades. He began writing about these topics in local numismatic organizations publications, and over the years has been published in The Numismatist, FUN-Topics, the PCGS Rare Coin Market Report, Coin World, COINage magazine, and, of course, the Greysheet.


The book was recently published by CDN Publishing, LLC and is available in both print and electronic versions.

You can read some sample pages of the book online.