The Royal Mint launches new coinage currency system with banknote-strength security

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June 11, 2013 – On May 12, 2013 at the Currency Conference in Athens, The Royal Mint announced the launch of iSIS, Integrated Secure Identification Systems. iSIS offers a full currency system based on a new generation of coin, which incorporates three tiers of banknote-strength security and can be authenticated via high-speed automated detection to industry-leading levels.

Using The Royal Mint’s aRMour® full-plate technology, iSIS features security that until now has only been available in banknotes. Overt and some covert security have been available in coinage for some time, but while until now covert security has been limited, iSIS lifts it to banknote level.
iSIS offers issuance authorities a viable alternative to high-cost homogeneous and clad coins, offering enhanced security at a lower cost. It will also compete with equivalent value banknotes as it can reduce whole life costs without compromising security. iSIS is not a surface coating, so will not wear off over time. As such, the coins will last around 30 years, lasting many times longer than an equivalent value banknote.
The unique additive technology that The Royal Mint has adopted in iSIS has been used in other industries such as banknotes, fuel and perfume for decades and has now been successfully transferred to coinage for the first time by The Royal Mint’s team of expert engineers. The developments and processes involved make iSIS extremely unlikely to be counterfeited. In fact, multiple third parties have attempted to detect and reverse engineer the feature without success.
iSIS can be authenticated via high-speed automated detection and is harder to counterfeit and easier to detect than any coin before it. In addition, a new level of detection in vending machines is also possible, creating a solid barrier to entry for counterfeits and therefore eliminating one channel of entry.

Chief Executive and Deputy Master of The Royal Mint, Adam Lawrence said ‘We’re extremely proud to announce the launch of iSIS from The Royal Mint, offering greater currency security at a lower cost. The Royal Mint has a proven track record of quality and supply, with unrivalled expertise in currency-system specifications and design. Our new iSIS product is supported by robust and proven validation and detection systems for re-assuring currency credibility.’

You can read more about iSIS on a dedicated website of The Royal Mint.

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