The New MintWorld Compendium is available!

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February 12, 2013 – Since January 31, 2013 the new MintWorld Compendium is available. It is focused on innovation. We have won scholars and major players in the coin industry to write about latest developments. This is the table of content:

  • Innovation – Invention – Progress
  • Björn Schöpe, The Innovation Indicator
  • Ursula Kampmann, Happy coincidence of How to recognize an innovation when you see one
  • Interview with Dr Prabir De and Günther Waadt, Innovation and the Coin Producing Industry
  • Maurice Biriotti, Thoughts about innovation and the coin industry
  • Ursula Kampmann, Coins, Collectors, Innovations
  • Ian Bennett, Innovation is our DNA
  • Dieter Merkle, Shape is the Answer
  • Wolfgang Bretz, Innovative clad coins with high anti-counterfeiting features
  • Andreas Schikora, The relaunch of a product that’s over 2000 years old?
  • Ingo Löken, What is innovative on washing?
  • Nico Lubold, The rainbow effect
  • Thomas Köninger, Successful site development between Europe and Latin America
  • Catherine Piana & Klaus Meyer-Steffens, Vending: a key player in innovation
  • Ursula Kampmann, The world’s first stamping press and why it would be a few decades before it caught on

Here you can download the new issue of our MintWorld Compendium.