The Freedom to strike Gold

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March 31, 2011 – A U.S. court sentenced Bernard von NotHaus, private producer of the Liberty Dollar, to 15 years in prison and a fine of 250.000 $. Furthermore the company’s stock of gold valued at 7 million $ was confiscated.

The Liberty dollar was the currency of a private community, which was made of precious metal resp. was backed by gold. This was the major difference compared to other local currencies. The face value of the Liberty Dollar corresponded to its intrinsic value. Since 1998 this currency had been issued and used. Bernard von NotHaus, inventor of the Liberty Dollar explained that the notes and coins of this currency were numismatic objects or medallions facilitating the barter among the members of his community.
U.S. government agencies seem to sense a competitor to U.S. currency. This is the only possibility an outsider can understand the harsh verdict against Bernard von NotHaus. He was condemned for counterfeiting. The FBI called NotHaus even a “domestic terrorist”.

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