The 1st One-Stop Guide to the World’s Circulating Coins

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June 12, 2014 – The Directory of Circulating Coins, compiled by the publishers of Currency News, is the first and only reference book of its kind to focus specifically on current coins in circulation around the world. It is based on source data provided by coin collector and numismatist Pabitra Saha, much of which was subsequently validated and supplemented by central banks and coin issuers around the world.

There are plenty of reference guides to circulating banknotes in both digital and print form. And yet, to date, there has been no equivalent for circulating coins. In the past, this was perhaps understandable as coins were somewhat basic, did not (and still do not) circulate outside their countries (with a few notable exceptions) and changes– whether in materials, design, or new denominations – were infrequent. However, a paradigm change is taking place in coins now, with a whole range of technical innovations, new security features and materials, different shapes and edge detail etc. to make them more acceptable to the public, reduce costs and move the note-coin boundary in their favour.

A sample page covering the coins from Lesotho.

Hence the production of the Directory, which has been designed to enable all those involved in circulating coins – issuers, mints, blank manufacturers or suppliers of equipment and systems for production, quality control, validation or coin accepting and vending systems – keep abreast of the changes taking place in issuance by bringing the key information on such coins together in one handy reference source.

A sample page with coins from Austria.

The information is provided in 200 pages, arranged by country, and includes basic composition per coin, weight, diameter, first and last known year of minting, edge detail and descriptions of features on the obverse and reverse, along with corresponding images.

The Directory is being distributed free of charge to the relevant coin issuing authority in each country. Subscribers to Currency News, the industry newsletter for banknotes and coins, can obtain it at a discounted price of £30 / €35 / $50. The standard price is £180 / €210 / $285.

The Directory of Circulating Coins has been produced by Currency Publications Ltd, publishers of Currency News and the Directory of Currency Suppliers, and organiser of the Coin Conference. Currency Publications is a joint venture between Reconnaissance International, publishers and consultants, and Currency Research, organisers of the Currency Conference and the ICCOS conferences.

Further information can be found on the Currency News website.

Or you may send an email to Currency News.