Sunday, 2024.04.14
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Tag: Vikings

How a Byzantine Earring Came to Denmark’s Vikings

A Byzantine gold earring of exceptional quality was found in Denmark in late 2021. Researchers believe it was a gift of the Byzantine emperor himself. You can admire it in the special exhibition “The Raid” in the National Museum of Denmark.

Unique Iron Age Gold Hoard Discovered in Denmark

A metal detectorist discovered an Iron Age gold hoard in Denmark weighing nearly 1 kg. We will show you pictures of one of the largest hoards in the country’s history which is absolutely unique and which is connected to troubled times.

The Treasure of Hiddensee and the Baltic Week

The Treasure of Hiddensee is an important testimony to the culture of the Vikings. Its replica from 1973, however, says a lot about the GDR. After all, one of the copies was made for Honecker. In December the Teutoburger Münzauktion will auction one of three known copies.
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