Friday, 18.09.2020

Tag: Royal Mint

The Royal Mint to Manufacture Safety Visors for the National Health Service

The Royal Mint stepped up to modify their facilities in order to begin the manufacture of needed items – and specifically, safety face protection visors. With 15,000 visors produced a day, their pledge to produce more than 1.9 million items is on its way to fulfilment.

Royal Mint’s Dinosauria Series Starts With the Megalosaurus

The Royal Mint in conjunction with the Natural History Museum launches its Dinosauria collection. Megalosaurus, Iguanodon and Hylaeosaurus will feature on their own commemorative 50p coins. The series begins with Megalosaurus.

A Royal Mint First – the Big Coins Go to the Trial of the...

Each year thousands of coins produced by The Royal Mint go on trial at the Trial of the Pyx, one of Britain’s oldest judicial processes that dates back to 1248. This year sees a Royal Mint first with the 5 kilo and 2 kilo ‘Una and The Lion’ coin going to the trial.

The Royal Mint Sets New Record With Sale of Britain’s First £1 Million Coin

The Royal Mint has set a new record for British coinage after sourcing and selling a rare Edward VIII Sovereign to a private collector for £1 million. It is the first time in history that a British coin has attained a price of £1 million.

Cracking Coin, Gromit!

The Royal Mint has unveiled a new commemorative coin to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Britain’s favourite double acts Wallace & Gromit. Inspired by the original short film, the coin features a Latin inscription, which translates to ‘cracking cheese’.

No Commemorative Coin for Enid Blyton

Did you also read the Famous Five when you were young? Shame on you! You have been poisoned with racist thoughts! At least according to those who made the Royal Mint block a commemorative coin in honour of Enid Blyton. How should this issue be dealt with?

350th Anniversary of Samuel Pepys’ Final Diary Entry

One of the world’s most famous diarists, Samuel Pepys, is honoured by The Royal Mint with a commemorative coin. He contributed decisively to the understanding of the history of the seventeenth century, ranging from the Great Fire of London to the Plague.

New Issue of the rarest 50 p coin celebrating Kew Gardens

The Royal Mint continues the “50 years of the 50p celebration” with the introduction of a set of brilliant uncirculated coins. Among the coins featured in the set is the rarest 50 p coin ever struck: the Kew Gardens 50p of 2009.

The Great British Coin Hunt Continues

The Royal Mint has announced that an additional 2.1 million 10p coins of the Great British Coin Hunt will enter circulation soon. The extremely popular A to Z collection showcases the best of British culture.