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Tag: Research History

100 Years Ashmolean’s Heberden Coin Room

In 1922, the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford University opened its new Coin Room. Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2022 is an excellent occasion to tell the history of this renowned institution and how it came into being.

Vatican Coins and Medals

Today we review two books that could not be more different: one of them is a magnificent volume on papal medals, the other a catalogue of modern Vatican coins issued between 1929 and 1978. Ursula Kampmann took a look at both of them.

The Most Influential People in Numismatics?

Coin World is celebrating its 60th anniversary with a publication entitled ‘The 60 Most Influential People in Numismatics’. Their selection is questionable to say the least.

The Netherlands Start With Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum Netherlands

The Dutch National Numismatic Collection keeps almost 20,000 Greek coins that will now be published in eight SNG Netherlands volumes to make the coins accessible for further study. The first volumes are scheduled for publication in 2023.

A Contribution to Provenance Research

David Fanning’s book “Ancient Coins in Early American Auctions, 1869-1939” is an important contribution to provenance research and to the history of coin trade. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

Conference: The Numismatic World in the Long 19th Century

In April 2020, a major international conference will take place at Tübingen University: “Collectors and Scholars. The Numismatic World in the Long 19th Century” is organized by Stefan Krmnicek & Hadrien Rambach and will feature a host of well-known speakers.

The Year of the Dealer

‘SOLD! The Year of the Dealer: Antique Dealers, Art Markets and Museum’ is a collaborative research project by major British museums organized by the University of Leeds. It investigates the history of the antique, coin and art trade and its relationship with public museums.

Oluf Gerhard Tychsen (1734-1815)

He took off to convert the Jews – and became a rabbi. The pietistic Protestant originated oriental studies and Islamic numismatics. An edited collection takes up aspects of his scientific work. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

Call for Papers: The Numismatic World in the Long 19th Century

The organizers of the symposium “Numismatic World in the Long 19th Century” at Tübingen University in April 2020 call for papers exploring the numismatic world in the epoch – including both, the sphere of academia, and that of collecting and dealing.
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