Sunday, 2024.02.25
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Tag: Palau (contemporary)

CIT’s H.P. Lovecraft: Cthulhu

CIT has dedicated a commemorative coin to author H.P. Lovecraft and his horror-fantasy creature Cthulhu. The coin features smartminting® technology and the finest color application.

Daydreamer – Future

CIT’s “Daydreamer – Future” uses smartminting® technology in a completely new way and creates an excellent and sophisticated illusion. Let’s draw the curtain to get a glimpse at the future!

ColorEYEzed: CIT’s Ocean blue

Only 8 to 10% of humanity has blue eyes. And as rare things are sought-after: No other eye color was made the subject of so many successful songs. Now CIT has dedicated a coin to blue eyes – with spectacular color printing technique.

Open Roads – Open Minds

CIT dedicates a coin to the roads of the world and to all those who love speed and classic cars. It addresses cosmopolitans for whom the journey is the ultimate reward and the real pleasure. And, of course, it was made for all aficionados of cutting-edge minting technology.

Divine: CIT Puts Inca Sun God on Coin

CIT dedicates its latest coin to the Inca sun god Inti. Thanks to smartminting® technology, it has been possible to reconstruct a mysterious cult object that the members of a culture that is lost today preserved for centuries.
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