Saturday, 2024.05.18
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NumisSearch Offers Special Conditions for New Customers – A Perfect Opportunity for Trying Out...

More than 6,000 users per day, more than 50,000 registered customers that spend an average of more than 10 minutes on the website – that is what the platforms NumisSearch, PhilaSearch and AntiquesSearch have to offer. For every auction house operating in the field of numismatics that decides to try out the platform with three auctions, NumisSearch offers special conditions.

Teutoburger organizes their live bidding via Numissearch

The Teutoburger Münzauktion specializes in Southeast Asia and China. It is no surprise that Volker Wolframm opts for the Numissearch platform when it comes to live bidding. On Numissearch, every step of the bidding process is possible in the Chinese language.
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