Saturday, 2022.01.29
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Adopting Coins From Temple Mount in Jerusalem

The Temple Mount Sifting Project researches the debris removed from the Temple Mount in 1999. With a small donation you can adopt one of the 7,000 coins found and support the numismatic research.

45th Anniversary Edition of The Handbook of Biblical Numismatics

45 years after the first issue of 1976, Mel Wacks has published an anniversary edition of his “Handbook of Biblical Numismatics”. The volume gives an overview of the coins connected to the Old and New Testament and discusses many controversies about them.

American Numismatic Society 2022 Gala Honors David Hendin

David Hendin will be the next awardee of the ANS Trustees’ Award. The renowned expert on Levant numismatics will receive the award during the ANS Gala dinner in January 2022.

“Antioch and Jerusalem, the Seleucids and Maccabees in Coins”

The American Israel Numismatic Association present 2021 Shekel Prize Winner Dr. David Jacobson giving a talk about “Antioch and Jerusalem, the Seleucids and Maccabees in Coins” via Zoom.

The Four Coins Jesus Knew

It is very human to look for physical testimonies as proof for events and persons we care about. Therefore, numismatists have been connecting the life of Jesus with coins for centuries. The University of Calgary continues this tradition with a new exhibition.

David Jacobson Wins 2021 Shekel Prize

David Jacobson from the University of Oxford has won the Shekel Prize Medal of the American Israel Numismatic Association for his book “Agrippa II, the Last of the Herods” as the best 2020 publication on Judaic / Israel numismatics.

Mel Wacks Steps Down as President of AINA

After 18 years as President of the American Israel Numismatic Association, Mel Wacks is stepping down. Mel is also resigning as Editor of the organization’s prize-winning magazine, “The Shekel,” after serving as Editor-in-Chief or Editor since 2013.

Medals of the Jewish-American Hall of Fame 1969-2019

Jewish-American Hall of Fame medals have found homes in collections and museums around the world. Now, for the first time, a book by Mel Wacks publishes the biographies of more than 50 inductees along with their portrait medals.

Künker, D-Osnabrück

It is very rare to see so many special collections at once as in Künker’s auction week taking place from 16 to 20 March 2020. The highlight is obviously the Samel Collection of Jewish coins; however, this is just one of more than 10 important special collections.

Shekel Prize Medal Awarded to the Late Alex Abezgauz

The Shekel Prize Medal is awarded annually by the American Israel Numismatic Association to the author of the best book on Judaic or Holy Land numismatics. This year’s award went to Alex Abezgauz, for his book “Jewish Banknotes Based on the Collection of A. Abezgauz”.