Monday, 2024.04.22
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Tag: Islamic Coins

Morton & Eden, GB-London

An early Umayyad gold dinar dated 105h (723AD) from the ‘Mine of the Commander of the Faithful’ is the second specimen ever to be offered at public auction. Estimated at £1.4-1.6 million this is the highest estimate for any lot previously offered for sale by the auction house.

Oluf Gerhard Tychsen (1734-1815)

He took off to convert the Jews – and became a rabbi. The pietistic Protestant originated oriental studies and Islamic numismatics. An edited collection takes up aspects of his scientific work. Ursula Kampmann took a look at it.

The First Dated Islamic Coin

We have already found the oldest Christian era dated coin and the oldest dated coin from Württemberg. Up next is the presumably first coin dated according to the Hijri calendar. The piece takes us to the south of today’s Iraq.

The Most Expensive Islamic Coin

It is not only one of the rarest Islamic coins in the world, it is also said to be the most expensive one ever to be sold in an auction. As this type sold even twice for £3.72 million, it certainly must be added to the CoinsWeekly Coin Records.
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