Thursday, 2024.02.22
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Tag: Ireland (Modern Period)

The New Banknote Yearbook for British Banknotes

The 11th edition of the British Banknote Yearbook has been published. The price guide to banknotes of the British Isles has been fully updated and contains all newly issued notes of the past four years.

Irish Gunmoney

The latest work by Paul and Bente R. Withers presents a detailed study of Irish gunmoney and the emergency issues of 1689-1691. This highly unusual token coinage was issued by the deposed Catholic king James II of England who went to Ireland to reconquer his kingdom.

The New Coin Yearbook 2021

The updated Coin Yearbook 2021 is an independent price guide and collector’s handbook for coins from the British isles. The new edition features expanded sections on Britannia coins, Isle of Man coinage and the latest issues from the Royal Mint.

The Coin Yearbook 2020 Now Available

The Coin Yearbook 2020 is an independent price guide and collector’s handbook for the coin hobby, with features which include accurate up-to-date valuations for all English, Scottish, Irish and Island (Channel & Isle of Man) coins in an updated edition for 2020.
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