Saturday, 2024.05.25
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Tag: India

Votive Coinage from Gandhāran Shrines

In a valley in northwestern Pakistan, for over 700 years, a cluster of shrines minted hundreds of varieties of their own votive coinage – a unique case in Central and South Asia. A new book describes the obscured history of this fascinating aspect of Asian numismatics.

New Online Research Tool for Bactrian Indo-Greek Coinage

“Bactrian Indo-Greek Rulers” (BIGR) is a new online typology and research tool for ancient Graeco-Bactrian and Indo-Greek coinage. It was launched by the American Numismatic Society and the Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents at Oxford University.

PMG Certifies India ‘Discovery Note’ at Hong Kong Event

Paper Money Guaranty® has certified a previously unknown British India banknote at an on-site grading event in Hong Kong. The 1925 banknote was not previously known to specialists.

New 20 Rupee Banknotes Join Second “Mahatma” Series

The Reserve Bank of India have announced they will shortly issue the much anticipated 20 Rupee banknote. Hence, the country is coming closer to completing their second series portraying Mahatma Ghandi on the obverse and sites of cultural importance on the reverse.
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