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Symposium on Alexandria’s Roman Imperial Coinage

The Circolo Numismatico Ticinese will hold an international symposium dedicated to Alexandria’s Roman Imperial coinage in Lugano in 2024. The organizing committee is formed by eminent experts.

Exhibition Displays Tutankhamun’s Complete Burial Hoard

The tomb of Tutankhamun was discovered 100 years ago. Soon, the Grand Egyptian Museum will show the complete burial hoard for the first time. The exhibition design comes from the German scenographers of Atelier Brückner.

Is Egypt Breaking Its Own Laws?

Sotheby’s sold an Egyptian statue with exceptional provenance for about $10 million. The case could be a bombshell for the entire trade and the museum world: Egypt revoked the 1921 export licence and is now demanding the piece back.

How Do We Even Know When The Battle at Marathon Took Place?

On 22nd March 2021, Künker will be auctioning off an extensive collection of coins of Roman Alexandria. Among them are 14 specimens of the zodiac series of Antoninus Pius. These pieces tell us something about how we know when events took place in ancient history.

Business Model Cultural Property

A cultural event of superlatives: Egypt sends 166 objects of Tutankhamun around the globe. The revenues flowing back into the nation on the Nile are enormous. Whether Egypt makes best use of the money is an entirely different matter.

Do We Have to Predate the Beginning of Coinage by Half a Millennium?

Auction house Numismatica Genevensis SA offers in its auction 12 on 18 and 19 November 2019 an object that might revolutionize monetary history as we know it. Did the Egyptians of the 18th dynasty already use coins?

Early 19th-Century Photography Featuring Famous Monuments

Tourists standing in the middle of a huge crowd flocking to one of the UNESCO sites might wonder what travelling was like in the 19th century. Incredible daguerreotypes of Joseph-Philibert Girault de Prangey offer an answer at the Metropolitan Museum.

German scenographer redesigns Egyptian Museum

The famous Egyptian Museum will be replaced by the Grand Egyptian Museum at Gizeh featuring the most important exhibition of Egyptian objects. A German scenographer has won the competition of designing the exhibition.
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