Wednesday, 2022.05.18
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Tag: Cook Islands

Silverland – The Rock

“The Rock”, CIT’s new issue, imitates the crystalline structure of quartz by using the special smartminting® technology with an ultra high relief. It thus combines state-of-the-art minting technology, innovative thinking and ingenious design.

Truck – King of the Road

Truckers are considered a mixture of cowboys and explorers. CIT has dedicated the fourth coin of the “The Journey” series to this world.

CIT: Masters of Art – Vincent van Gogh

CIT open their new “Masters of Art” series with an issue dedicated to the painter Vincent van Gogh. The coin features state-of-the-art color printing technology and smartminting®.

Legacy of the Pharaohs: Commemorating Tutankhamun’s Tomb on Coins

100 years ago, one of the most spectacular archaeological discoveries was made: the tomb of Tutankhamun. CIT celebrates this anniversary with several coins featuring something that has never been seen on a coin.

CIT Commemorates Breakthrough Album of Heavy Metal Band Iron Maiden

With the album “The Number of the Beast” Iron Maiden achieved their breakthrough in the British charts in 1982. CIT has chosen the provocative album cover for a new coin. A numismatic monument with all the trimmings.

A Triumph of Minting Technology: CIT’s Firefighter 2021

Two weeks ago, we presented CIT’s 20 dollars coin honoring the firefighters. The rush for this coin was so great that CIT is now issuing three new coins with this motif.

Terracotta Warriors

CIT dedicates a small series to the legendary tomb of Chinese emperor Qin Shihuang Di. The monument with an army of 8,000 terracotta warriors is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

X-Ray – Vitruvian Man

With their newest coin in ultra-high relief CIT combines in an outstanding way a masterpiece of the renaissance, the Vitruvian Man from Leonardo da Vinci, with one of the most important innovations in the history of medicine, the discovery of X-rays.

Magnificent Life 2020 – Chameleon

The final issue of CIT’s successful series Magnificent Life is dedicated to the African chameleon. The colourful coin displays the unique features of these animals by means of impressive smartminting© technology.

Loop the Loop

120 years ago the world’s first rollercoaster whose loop did not endanger the lives of its passengers opened at Coney Island. CIT commemorates this with a coin featuring a rollercoaster depicted on BOTH sides(!) in ultra-high relief on the coin edge thanks to smartminting© technology.