Saturday, 2024.04.13
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Tag: Cashless

2019 Record Year for Giesecke+Devrient

Giesecke+Devrient reports record results for the past fiscal year. The Munich-based group specializing in security technology has seen significant increases particularly from the business in digital products and services.

Scottish Towns Return to Coin-Operated Parking Meters

A Scottish council announced a coin-operated parking meter comeback driven by people power and fueled by solar power. Having introduced a cashless initiative less than two years ago, the council is now taking a step back – or forward? – to cash-friendly parking.

“Physical Cash Is Irreplaceable” – Part 2

Ursula Dalinghaus has conducted a study about the importance of cash as part of the public infrastructure. She states that cash is irreplaceable. She and the anthropologist Bill Maurer explain their position in this interview.

How Dirty Is a Cash Machine in London?

Did you ever feel like washing your hands after taking cash from an ATM? A study reveals the levels of dirt lurking on ATMs in key London areas. What do you think is cleaner: a cash machine touchscreen or a public toilet door handle? Surprise, surprise.

A Study Has Proven: Cash Is a Public Good

Cash is not just one of many means of payment. A current study has proven that the possibility to pay with coins and banknotes must be recognised as public infrastructure: Anyone can simply use it without additional costs and, most importantly, without being controlled.
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