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The Human Victims of Nazi Counterfeiting Plot “Bernhard”

“Operation Bernhard” was a Nazi scheme to counterfeit British money during World War II. In the book “Forging Secrets” experts have written on the subject and give it a human face: they tell also the story of the prisoners who had to produce the fake money.

This Is the New Banknote Portrait of King Charles III

The Bank of England have unveiled the obverse portrait of King Charles III as it will be depicted on banknotes from 2024. Michael Alexander analyses the portrait and the new royal cypher or monogram.

Jan Olav Wilborn Aamlid Receives Schive Medal

Jan Olav Wilborn Aamlid was awarded the Schive Medal for his book on Siam specimen banknotes. The medal is a reward medal for non-academic numismatists by the Norwegian Numismatic Association.

Heritage Auctions, USA-Long Beach (CA)

At Heritage’s Long Beach Expo Auction an 1882 $100 gold certificate was sold for $750,000 leading the total result to $10,682,198.

The Coins and Banknotes of Queen Elizabeth II – An Insight Into the On-Going...

Charles III has become the new King of the United Kingdom and collectors are expecting new coins. But when will they come? And what about new banknotes? What money retains its legal tender status? Michael Alexander explains the monetary aspects of the changeover.

PMG Named Official Grading Service of MIF Paper Money Fair

PMG has been named the exclusive grading service for the MIF Paper Money Fair. As the first paper money fair in Europe, the Maastricht event will be able to provide a special service for visitors of the show.

Stack’s Bowers Galleries Present the Paradise Collection

Stack’s Bowers will offer the Paradise Collection of banknotes. Due to its magnitude this collection will be sold in three parts starting at the Fall Maastricht Auction in late September 2022. The items span the entire globe and represent hundreds of years of history.

Greysheet Published 2023 Edition of Early Paper Money of America

Early Paper Money of America is the seminal reference book on the first circulating currencies of North America. The 2023 edition is the first new edition since 2008 and features full color images on 472 pages including all-new pricing.

U.S. Banknotes To Be Printed in New Facility

The U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing produces banknotes and other federal security products. In 2027, the Bureau will move to a state-of-the-art facility.

Hero or Eagle? The Philippine’s New 1000 Piso Banknote

For decades, Filipino banknotes have featured three World War II heroes. A new series celebrates the country’s flora and fauna – and arouses fierce opposition. The case shows: money is certainly more than just a means of payment.
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