Sunday, 24.01.2021
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Baldwin’s of St. James’s

An amazing group of silver members’ tickets to the Royal Society of Edinburgh and the Royal Institution have been found in a vault of the coin dealer Baldwin & Sons. The members’ tickets will be sold by Baldwin’s of St. James’s on 9th December 2020.

Baldwin’s of St. James’s

The forthcoming 484 lot “Medallion Sale” to be held by Baldwin’s of St. James’s will include the remaining stock of the late coin dealer Neddy Allen, which is to be sold on behalf of several animal-related charities of her selection.

Baldwin’s of St. James’s, GB-London

Baldwin’s of St. James’s March auction will include the 197 lot Pavilion Collection of Medals Reflecting upon the Life and Times of George IV, supposed to be “the first such specialist collection of George IV to be offered in the market”.

Edward Baldwin Retires from A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd

After 49 years in the firm, Edward Baldwin retires from his work for A H Baldwin & Sons Ltd as the last of the Baldwin clan. He has prepared the firm for the present and future opening it up to the auction business and using computer technology.