Sweden launched new banknotes

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October 29, 2015 – Sweden has launched new banknotes. It is the first step in the major overhaul of the country’s banknotes and coins. Since 1 October 2015, it is possible to pay with the new 20-, 50- 200- and 1,000-krona banknotes. The previous 20-, 50- and 1,000-krona banknotes will become invalid after 30 June 2016. Old and new banknotes will therefore both be valid for a further nine months before being successively phased out. This means that it may take a while before customers have the new banknotes in their hand.

‘It’s very exciting that the new banknotes are finally here. We have been working together on this since 2008 with banks, retailers and cash-in-transit services. We hope that everyone in Sweden likes the new banknotes and finds them easy to pay with. We also hope that everyone is aware of the new security features and remembers to tilt the banknote to see that it is genuine,’ says the Governor of the Riksbank, Stefan Ingves.

In October 2016, the new 100 and 500 krona banknotes, together with new 1, 2 and 5 krona coins will be introduced. After 30 June 2017, the current 100 and 500-krona banknotes and 1, 2 and 5-krona coins will become invalid.

In occasion of the launch of the new banknotes, only on 1 October 2015 between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., visitors could see an exhibition on the new banknotes and coins.

For more information on the Riksbank and Sweden’s valid banknotes check the bank’s website.

We reported on the new banknotes in detail with images, also of the future banknotes not yet launched.