Studies in Ancient Coinage in Honour of Andrew Burnett

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by Ursula Kampmann
translated by Annika Backe
November 5, 2015 – It takes a lot of courage – or should we say audacity – to initiate a work as huge as the catalog of Roman Provincial Coinage. Most of all, however, it takes an unlimited network of friendly colleagues who are willing to contribute to such an ambitious project. Anyone who wants to undertake such a project needs amicable relations to many numismatists. Andrew Burnett is such a person. A modest personality, quite popular with colleagues, he had the foresight of starting to prepare a catalog of all coins produced in the Roman provinces. 

The festschrift in honor of Andrew Burnett is presented in Taormina. From left to right: Philip Skingley / Spink, Dario Calomino, Andrew Burnett, Roger Bland. Photograph: UK.

Now what has this got to do with his festschrift? Very simple. His amicable relations to the most distinguished numismatists of our time are reflected in the list of authors who insisted on contributing to this volume with an essay and thus honoring their dear friend. The names speak for themselves and bear witness to the quality of this festschrift. To provide you with the opportunity to see for yourself how wide the range of topics really is, we reproduce the list of contents here:

Roger Bland and Dario Calomino (eds.), Studies in Ancient Coinage in Honor of Andrew Burnett. London 2015, Spink. 316 p. with numerous b/w illustrations. Hardcover with elaborate dust jacket. Adhesive binding. 21.5 x 28 cm. ISBN 978-1-907427-57-2. 50 pounds + postage and packaging.

Johan van Heesch and Fran Stroobants, The silver coinage of Sagalassos in Pisidia; Giovanni Gorini, A new hoard of Romano-Campanian coins from Nora (Sardinia); Michael Crawford, The coinage of the Mamertini; Pere Pau Ripollès and Richard Witschonke, The unofficial Roman Republican semisses struck in Spain; Ian Leins, Anarevito: Political fluidity in southern Britain in the late Iron Age; Michel Amandry, Une mystérieuse émission provinciale tibérienne frappée en Asie Mineure; Chris Howgego, The circulation of the gold coinage of Vespasian struck in the East; William E. Metcalf, A new Vespasianic mint?; Richard Abdy, Capita aut capita? The double heads (and double tails) coins of Hadrian; Richard Reece, Coins and sites: cautionary tales from Time Team; Roger Bland, Roman contacts with Ireland in the light of the coins from Drumanagh; Kevin Butcher, Debasement and the decline of Rome; Dario Calomino, From Thrace to Lesbos. Coinage and cities across the Hellespont in the 3rd century AD; Jerome Mairat and Antony Hostein, Les monnaies d’Alexandrie de Troade au milieu du IIIe siècle: liaisons de coins indédites; Alexander Bursche und Kirill Myzgin, Gold coins, Alexandria Troas and Goths; Sylviane Estiot, L’Empereur et l’usurpateur: un 4e atelier oriental sous Probus; Sam Moorhead, A dated coin of Allectus; Edward Besly, Allectus and his money; Francois de Callatay, Sir Andrew Fountaine (1676-1753) and his early numismatic correspondence with Andreas Morell (1646-1703).
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