Singapore’s First Three-Way Interlocking Puzzle Coin Set

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January 2, 2014 – The Singapore Mint recently unveiled the nation’s very first three-way interlocking puzzle coin issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, marking a milestone in Singapore’s minting history. The launch of the Puzzle Coin Set marks a one-of-a-kind addition to the Singapore Mint’s already widely-popular range of Lunar collectibles. The 13-in-1 8oz 999 Fine Silver Proof-Like Puzzle Coin Set exhibits the Singapore Mint’s expertise in creating unique designs and innovative technologies that enable the coin’s interlocking mechanics.

Interlocking Puzzle Coin Set / Mintage: 3,000.

To enable the seamless interlocking of all 13 pieces of the coin upon assembly, the Singapore Mint ensures and incorporates exceptional precision throughout their minting processes. Resembling that of a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces also represent 13 individual coins when the puzzle coin set is taken apart. The 13 individual coins are made up of 12 pieces which bear designs from the Singapore first Lunar Almanac Coin Series (issued between 1981 and 1992) and a centre piece featuring a peony. The complete puzzle coin set comprises designs of all 12 animals, symbolising wishes of harmony and serenity for the coin collector. The silver centre piece, on the other hand, is adorned by a delicate and quaint peony – bearing wishes of prosperity and good fortune for the collector.

Singapore / 10 $ / 2oz 999 silver 45mm / Mintage: 20,000.

The 13-in-1 8oz 999 Fine Silver Proof-Like Puzzle Coin Set is a limited edition collector’s item with a mintage of only 3,000 sets worldwide. The introduction of the puzzle coin set is in conjunction with the launch of the Singapore Lunar Horse Coins, a collector’s favourite from the Singapore Mint’s Lunar collectibles. This marks the tenth issue of the third series of the Lunar Almanac Coin Collection. Bearing designs of the noble stallion that is widely seen as an auspicious symbol for intelligence, vigour, and perseverance, the Singapore Lunar Horse Coins come in a range of gold, silver and base metal.

Singapore / 80 $ / 1kg 999 silver / 100mm / Mintage: 1,000.

The collectible series also includes Singapore’s largest silver coin – the magnificent 1kg 999 Fine Silver Proof-Like Coin – as well as the Fine Gold BU Coin, which at a diameter of just 7.00mm and weight of 0.3gm, also makes it Singapore’s smallest coin.

Singapore / 1 $ / 999.9 gold / 0.3gm / 7.00mm / Mintage: 10,000.

Mr Yip Pak Ling, Mint Director at the Singapore Mint said, “We are extremely excited with our new Lunar Horse collectibles, especially the introduction of our Puzzle Coin Set which demonstrates how we always seek to better ourselves in our minting technologies, innovation, and creative designs.” He adds, “The Singapore Mint Lunar collectibles have always been a favourite among our avid collectors for their lifelike illustrations and carvings, and the new Lunar Horse series exhibits these colourful traits through the poise and grace of the Horse this year.”

For more information visit the Singapore Mint’s website.