Sicilian Mosaic

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The history of Sicily is shaped by the geographical situation of the island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Many peoples went through the country. Their trading, their wars and their peaceful coexistence are reflected on the coins. All parts of the series you may find here:

Part 1: Background

Part 2: Dankle-Messana and Rhegion

Part 3: The tyrant Gelon

Part 4: Gela

Part 5: Syracuse

Part 6: The Carthaginians attack

Part 7: The coinage of Himera and Acragas

Part 8: Athens intervenes on Sicily

Part 9: The tyrant Dionys to seek

Part 10: Rescue by the Mother City of Corinth

Part 11: The classical coinage of Syracuse

Part 12: Naxos and Leontinoi