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Selected Islamic Coins at Solidus

In the current auction 67, Solidus is presenting 345 selected Islamic coins. The auction will be held as a live auction on the auction platform AUEX on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 from 4:00 p.m. CET. Pre-bids can already be submitted.

Lot 2039: al Muwahhidun (Almohads). Anonymous (on behalf of the Mahdi). Rare double Dirham without year and mint. Estimate: 350 euros.

The auction begins with beautiful silver Dirhams from the Umayyads and Abbasids, supplemented by a few copper Fulus and a few golden Dinars. A rare anonymous double Dirham by the al Muwahhidun (Almohads) in the name of the Mahdi (Lot 2039) deserves special attention.

This is followed by two coins from the Tulunids, a gold coin and a rare Fals (Lots 2040 f.). The Ayyubids are represented with beautiful silver coins. (Lots 2042 ff.) A series of coins from the Rum Seljuks contains rare bronze coins as well as some specimens of the popular Dirhams of Kaykhusraw II of the sun-lion type. From the Anatolian Beyliks there is a nice series with some rarities (Lots 2072 ff).

Lot 2223: Ottomans. Mahmud II. 2 Kurush 1248 H, Tunus. Extremely rare. Estimate: 100 euros

Next are numerous Ottoman coins, with a large proportion of gold pieces. In addition to rare Akces from the early days of the Ottoman Empire, an extensive range of North African mints deserves mention, mostly in excellent condition (Trablus Gharb, Cezayir, Tunus, Misir), including some rarities, e.g. Lot 2230, an extremely rare 2 Kurush coin from Tunus, 1248 H., from the reign of Mahmud II. (1223 – 1255 H. / 1808 – 1839).

Lot 2290: Artuqids from Mardin. Qutb ad-Din il-Ghazi II. (572-580 H. / 1176-1184). Splendid specimen of a copper Dirham in perfect condition. Estimate: 120 euros.

There are some particularly beautiful copper Dirhams with pictorial representations from the Turkish dynasties of the Crusader period in the Near East, some examples in unusually perfect condition. In addition to the Artuqids of Mardin, coins of the Zengids of Mawsil are represented.

Lot 2292: Artuqids of Mardin. Qutb ad-Din il-Ghazi II. (572-580 H. / 1176-1184). Copper Dirham 578 H. Estimate: 150 euros.

The auction closes with Bronze coins of the Saldukids with equestrian representations, coins of the Golden Horde, a more extensive series of coins from the Ilkhanids, as well as individual specimens from the Timurids and the Iranian Shahs.

You can place your maximum bids before the auction – or during the live auction, during which you can bid on the lots in real time and actively influence the auction process, similar to a floor auction. The live auction starts on Tuesday, December 15, 2020 at 4 p.m. CET.


You can access the auction via the platform AUEX.

The auction is also available on Sixbid.

For further information go to the website of Solidus Numismatik.