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A Big “Maple Leaf”, But Not a “Big Maple Leaf”

...10kg Gold Maple Leaf captures every detail of the 1 oz gold bullion coin it celebrates. Of course, it is not to be confused with the 100kg “Big Maple Leaf”.... (21 Treffer im Text)

Stolen Big Maple Leaf invested in real estate?

...of the investigation, information may also come to light regarding the fate of the Big Maple Leaf, which was stolen from the Berlin Bode Museum in spring 2017. Big Maple... (12 Treffer im Text)

“Big Maple Leaf” Theft Trial Opens

...the globe. In the early hours of March 27, 2017, the 100-kilo gold coin “Big Maple Leaf” was stolen from the Bode-Museum in Berlin. Now, the trial of the four... (9 Treffer im Text)

Unresolved Questions in the Case of the Stolen Big Maple Leaf

You have probably heard of it: Almost three years after the spectacular theft of the 100-kilogram gold coin “Big Maple Leaf” from the Berlin Bode Museum, the verdict has now... (6 Treffer im Text)

Gold Maple Leaf Celebrates 40th Anniversary

...information about the Maple Leaf in our little encyclopedia of bullion coins. For some years a Maple Leaf was the largest coin of the world. We all know what happened... (25 Treffer im Text)

Bullion coins part 2: The Maple Leaf

...Maple Leaf has got its name from the maple leaf, depicted on the obverse. The maple leaf is “the” national subject of Canada, which we can also see on the... (47 Treffer im Text)

What the Thefts of Berlin and Dresden Mean for Museums and Private Collectors

...Big Maple Leaf The Big Maple Leaf wasn’t made of “normal” gold but of gold with a particularly high fineness. That’s why the police are still hoping to find traces... (23 Treffer im Text)

Giant gold coin stolen from Bode Museum

...to the permanent exhibition where they destroyed, with “brutal force”, the bulletproof case in which the ‘Big Maple Leaf’ had been displayed. Traces of an impact have been secured underneath... (23 Treffer im Text)

Royal Canadian Mint Opens New Windows on Canada’s History and Natural Heritage

...observation of Lacrosse; a $10 “Maple Leaf Forever” pure silver coin; a new $20 pure silver crystal raindrop coin featuring the Bigleaf Maple; and a square $3 gold-plated silver Wildlife... (28 Treffer im Text)

Why There Is Still No Verdict in the Trial of the Stolen 100-Kilogram Maple...

...space industry – and for the Big Maple Leaf, which was worth about 3.75 million euros at the time. The Mercedes S-Class is owned by the Remmo family, a Lebanese... (6 Treffer im Text)