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Carlberg, Dan

Dan Carlberg is a Swedish numismatist and auctioneer. He is co-owner of the Myntauktioner i Sverige auction house and published numerous articles on Swedish numismatics and monetary history.

Wolf, Carl (b. 1947)

Carl Wolf was the first living member inducted into the Chicago Coin Club Hall of Fame. For years he conducted the very popular Numismatic Theater at the ANA Conventions and published a guide for numismatic speakers.

Leonard, Robert D. Jr. (b. 1942)

Robert D. Leonard is a coin collector and a trained journalist. He combined both interests and has published many articles and books on his research topics as pre-monetary forms of payment, medieval coinage, and early American coinage.

Zagorowski, Michael

After a career as a tax expert, Michael Zagorowski turned his hobby into a profession and has been working as a numismatist at SINCONA ever since. In 2023, he started the project numindex, a kind of stock index for coins.

Gasvoda, Mike

Mike Gasvoda is head of Classical Numismatic Group. He had already built a reputation as a passionate collector long before taking over this position in 2018.

Elina Screen

Elina Screen is a medievalist and numismatist. Her main areas of interest are Anglo-Saxon and Carolingian coinage. She is President of the British Numismatic Society and General Editor of the Medieval European Coinage project.

Pasmans, Patrick

Patrick Pasmans is a Belgian legal advisor, mediator and numismatist. His research focuses on Persian coinage and, among other things, he is European secretary of the Oriental Numismatic Society and editor of the magazine “De Muntmeester”.

Jambu, Jérôme

Jérôme Jambu is Professor of Modern History at the University of Caen Normandy. He researches modern French and West European coinage and the monetary history of the French colonies in America, and also advises the Ministry of Culture and the Banque de France.

Trigueiros, António Miguel

António Miguel Trigueiros is a Portuguese numismatist. He worked for the Portuguese Mint and was involved in the introduction of collector coins in Portugal.

Auras, Anna

Anna Auras is a German master goldsmith with her own jewellery label. In 2021 she designed the German 20 euro collector’s coin commemorating Annette von Droste-Hülshoff.
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