Auras, Anna

Anna Auras. Photo: Janine Sametzky.
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Jewellery and Coin Designer

Anna Auras (*1982) is a German master goldsmith, jewellery and coin designer.

She already came into contact with art, architecture and museums in her childhood. Anna Auras began to draw and discovered her interest in design, graphics and crafts. Functional and clear forms such as those of the Bauhaus tradition particularly appealed to her.

Anna Auras completed an apprenticeship as a goldsmith in the workshop gallery Rosemarie Brodhag in Berlin. Between 2008 and 2011, she refined her craft skills with jewellery designer Colleen B. Rosenblat. In 2013 Anna Auras graduated from the Drawing Academy in Hanau, where she met her future husband Claudius Riedmiller, who works as an engraver and designer. Moreover, Anna Auras founded her jewellery label “Anna Auras” in Stuttgart.

Working together with her husband, Anna Auras became interested in designing coins and medals. The first coin she designed is the 20 euro collector’s coin issued in 2022 that commemorates the German writer and composer Annette von Droste-Hülshoff.


If you want to contact Anna Auras, you may write her an e-mail.

Ursula Kampmann recently presented the 20 euro collector’s coin designed by Anna Auras.

For further information and to see the artist’s jewellery, visit Anna Aura’s website.