Roman Piggybank underneath modern barracks

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May 26, 2011 – Some day, shortly after 271 AD, a man was sitting at his table counting his antoniniani. Times were bad. Pile after pile he filled his little fortune of coins into a pot and buried this treasure. We will never know, which fate hindered that man to unearth his coins again.

So, this hoard was found more than 1.700 years later during a routine excavation at the former Hyderabad and Meeanee barracks at Colchester, Essex. There, the important British house builder Taylor Wimpey planned a new complex of buildings. Before the work started, the site was archaeologically explored. The result was this considerable hoard of 1.247 antoniniani struck between 251 and 271. A representative of Taylor Wimpey has announced to donate this hoard to the local museum of Colchester.

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