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Roma Numismatics’ E-Sale 64

Roma Numismatics’ E-Sale 64 is now online and open for bidding, and features 1,226 lots of Celtic, Greek, Judaean, Roman, Byzantine, Islamic and Medieval and Modern (World) Coins. Lots will begin closing from 1pm (local UK time) on Thursday 28 November, with one lot closing every 15 seconds. An 18.5% buyer’s premium will apply to this sale.

Lot 181: Sicily, Syracuse Dilitron, circa 344-317 BC. Time of Timoleon and the Third Democracy, Good Very Fine. Very Rare. Estimate: £1,000.

This sale offers buyers their last chance to acquire coins from the esteemed Hermann Lanz collection with our final selection of pieces boasting this excellent pedigree.

The Greek section presents a large offering of Sicilian bronzes, including a very rare dilitron of Syracuse and two drachms with excellent provenance, originally from the Hans Hermann Gutknecht collection.

Other highlights include a crucifixion year shekel from Tyre and an extremely rare and high grade gold half unit of Eukratides I.

Lot 64: Anonymous Quinarius, 214-213 BC, Rome. Near Mint State. Estimate: £400.

The Roman provincial section includes a number of desirable rarities, such as an apparently unpublished Commodus medallion of Silandros in Lydia and a rare provincial alliance coin of Gordian III from Side. Followed by the Roman Republican section which showcases a small group of high grade anonymous didrachms and a particularly attractive and high grade quinarius from the early Republic.

Lot 610: Augustus Aureus, 2 BC – AD 12, Lugdunum, Good Very Fine; minor edge mark, light wave. Estimate: £4,000.

The Roman Imperial section offers a number of ever popular Augustan coins, including the iconic aureus depicting Gaius and Lucius Caesar. There are a selection of interesting rarities throughout the section, for example an extremely rare denarius of Pescennius Niger and an equally rare and extremely fine antoninianus of Gallienus, possibly one of only two known.

The end of the Imperial section and the Byzantine section offer a number of rare bronzes from Cherson, of particular note is an exceedingly rare pentanummium of Justinian I and a Leo I maiorina of unusually high grade for the type.

Lot 1044: Ottoman Empire, Mustafa III Sultani, AH 1184 = AD 1771, Jaza’ir (Algeria) mint. Good Very Fine. Very Rare. Estimate: £4,000.

The sale continues with Islamic and Modern & Medieval selections with notable and desirable coins in each. A very rare gold sultani of Mustafa III and some attractive dirhem weights can be found in the Islamic section and an extremely rare denar of Samuel Aba from Hungary is a particular highlight from the Modern section. The sale is concluded as usual with our ever-popular large lot offering.


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