Record Update – The Most Expensive Greek Coin

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November 22, 2018 – It appears as though the famous decadrachm from Akragas, which sold for 2,300,000 CHF (that equated to 2,493,890 USD on October 17, 2012) is not the most expensive Greek coin after all. Our readers are simply the best judges in the world. Several of them have pointed out a gold stater from Pantikapaion which was sold for 3,250,000 USD (that equated to 3.014.880 CHF on the day of the auction) by Baldwin’s as part of the New York Sale Group in their auction XXVII. This amount beats the previously submitted record of the Akragas decadrachm and is thus likely to be the most expensive Greek coin ever to be sold in an auction.

This Pantikapaion gold stater set a world record price at 3.25 million U.S. dollars.

The piece is said to have been struck between 350 and 300 BC and is considered a master piece of Greek coinage. The head of a satyr, which we can see on the coin’s obverse, impresses with incredibly detailed features. Although we do not know which engraver was responsible for this miniature piece of art, he must have been one of the best of his time.

More information on The New York Sale Group is available on the official website.

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