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Rare Coins and Medals from Saxony in Premium Auction of Solidus Numismatik

Solidus Premium Auction 47 is online since September 17. The auction focuses on two topics: 123 coins of the electorate respectively the kingdom Saxony, furthermore 48 coins from Regensburg, mainly of the imperial city, but also two issues of the bishopric and one of the principality.

Among the pieces offered are many rarities and splendid items in superb condition. The auction is completed by three rare and high quality medals of the 17th century from Gdansk and two remarkable coins of Augsburg mentioning the emperor Karl VI.

The auction will be held as a live auction on the AUEX auction platform on Sunday, 6 October 2019 from 17:00 CEST. Pre-bids can already be submitted.

Lot 72: Saxony, Electorate. Friedrich August II. Ducat (gold) commemorating the Vicariate. Dresden. (1740.).

The auction starts with Saxon coins, containing many issues from the period of the personal union with Poland. Thus the auction is also of interest for collectors of Polish coins. The collection comprises also many pieces commemorating the sovereign as imperial vicar, that have especially attractive images, e. g. from the years 1612, 1657, 1711, 1740, 1742 und 1745. Furthermore several heavy and thick issues from dies of lower nominals are offered.

E.g. a Double Talers from taler dies of the years 1612 und 1628 or a Taler of 1612 made from the dies of a quarter Taler (lots 8, 10 und 24).

Lot 33: Saxony, Electorate. Johann Georg II. Broad Double Taler (silver) commemorating the Vicariate. Dresden (1657).

Some broad and rare Double Talers in excellent state of preservation deserve to be mentioned. (Lots 33, 38 und 39), The big size provided the die cutters with a huge space for displaying their mastery, e.g. Double talers from 1657 with a especially attractive depiction of the elector on horse or from 1663 with an impressive image of the standing elector, made from the dies of a so-called „Beichttaler“.

Lot 27: Saxony, Electorate. Johann Georg I. Medal (silver) commemorating the battle of Breitenfeld. (1631).

A few medals are also noteworthy. Some of them are particularly handsome like a mint state medal commemorating the battle of Breitenfeld, that was an decisive event during the Thirty Years‘ War (Lot 27). The reverse of this medal is characterized by an extraordinarily big and detailed battle panorama.

The many rare and splendid items are completed by a few inexpensive small coins of the electorate. The section with Saxon mintage ends with coins and medals of the Kingdom Saxony before and after 1871 with some attractive issues of the period of the German Empire. This final part is completed similarly with some rare small coins in above-average preservation, struck in the Saxon mint of Muldenhütten (mint mark E).

Lot 128: Augsburg, imperial city. Mentioning emperor Karl VI. Taler (silver). (1740).

The auction continues with  a short passage containing four  medals of Gdansk, among these three rare silver pieces of the 17th century, and two very rare silver coins of Augsburg mentioning emperor Karl VI. From 1740, one of them a splendid Taler in mint state.

Lot 152: Regensburg, imperial city. Mentioning emperor Karl VI.. Ducat (gold). Only 16 items have been issued. (1740).

Finally the auction ends with a grand series of mintage from Regensburg that comprises nearly only exceptional rare or well preserved showpieces.

Included are some remarkable gold coins, e. g. a very rare and nearly mint state Ducat of 1740 mentioning emperor Karl VI. from which only 16 items have been issued and a very pretty Double Ducat mentioning emperor Joseph II from 1765, likewise nearly mint state.

Among the silver mintage in this section the following samples shall be mentioned: A Taler from 1665, probably the only known item until now (lot 146), an exceedingly rare and extremely fine Taler from 1681 (lot 147), furthermore lots 151, 155 and 156, Talers mentioning emperor Karl VI. from 1714 and without date, or lot 167, a particularly beautiful Taler mentioning Joseph II. The Regensburg series starts with two pieces of the bishopric. It is closed by a piece of the short-dated principality from 1809, a cabinet piece with an extraordinary fine toning (lot 177).

You can place your maximum bids before the auction – or during the live auction, during which you can bid on the lots in real time and actively influence the auction process, similar to a floor auction. The Live Auction starts on Sunday, 6. October 2019, at 17.00 CEST.


The coins can be viewed at the office of Solidus Numismatik prior to the auction (only by appointment).


You can browse through the online catalogues on AUEX or Sixbid.

For further information on the auction house, go to the website of Solidus Numismatik.