Peking Opera Coins Feature Colorful Traditional Masks

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June 2, 2011 – The second coin issues commemorating China’s famous Peking Opera feature colorful and distinctive masks on 2011-dated silver and gold proof coins struck at the Shenzhen Guobuo Mint; they are expected shortly. Each of the two silver coins weighs 1 troy oz. of pure silver (50,000 issued), and the gold coin contains 1/4 troy oz. of pure gold (30,000 issued). Coins come in official presentation boxes with Certificates of Authenticity.

The Peking Opera is considered as a national treasure, with a history of over 200 years. It is considered the most significant of all opera production companies in China, and plays a large role in Chinese culture. Colorful masks, inspired from ancient ceremonies and religious symbols, are created by the actors – with the colors representing the character’s personality and fate.

In 2008, Beijing schools added The Peking Opera to their course-list as part of a coordinated effort to preserve the traditional art for another generation, that seems to be more interested in pop stars and Western culture.

If you are interested in these coins visit Panda America’s site.

If you want to see these masks on stage take a look at this video.