Owner of the Pocking gold trove found

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by Annika Backe

February 16, 2017 – Finding a valuable gold trove is something not only archaeologists dream of. Children playing in Pocking in the Passau region are among the fortunate ones. In the summer of 2016, they came across a large amount of gold bars and coins whose value amounts to an estimated 250,000 euros. 

The trove was found in Pocking, south of Passau. Source: Hagar66 / Wikipedia.

A spectacular chance find

The honest finders notified the authoritative bodies. The first suspicion that the gold could have been related to some sort of crime wasn’t confirmed. Without revealing any details about the find, the city’s officials made a public appeal and asked the owner to come forward within six months. And so he did – only days before the end of the period. 

The owner, who wants to remain anonymous, was born in Pocking. Living in Munich for a long time now, he visits his hometown regularly, to meet friends and to collect mushrooms. He had buried his precious property – about which he of course provided detailed specifications – out of fear for burglars, said Christian Hanusch, managing official of the city of Pocking, in a documentary of the German broadcaster BR.

Is it a find after all?

First he was disappointed to see that the hiding place had been a secret for no more than two months. According to Hanusch, he was then, however, “thrilled that the children had handed the gold over to the authorities instead of collaring it.” The owner decided to pay them a finder’s fee as a reward. If he had come forward after February 18, 2017, his gold would have been declared a find. In accordance with the regulations of the Bavarian Schatzregal (Treasure Trove), the finders and the owner of the land would have been entitled to one half of the find each. 

All is well that ends well

To not experience something like this again, the man announced to disregard his general mistrust of banks and rent a lock box. 

You can watch the mentioned German documentary by clicking here. 

The incident reminds of the coin hoard of Hackney/London that had been buried intentionally by his owners during WW II. To learn more about it, please read this CoinsWeekly article. 

And a summary of the varying regulations of the German Schatzregal (Treasure Trove) is available at our German site, in an article written by Dr. Diethardt von Preuschen.