Oriental Numismatic Society Meets Again Online in 2022

Due to the Covid pandemic, the ONS Meeting 2022 will not take place in the romantic city of Tübingen but in the virtual space. Photo: SofieLayla Thal / Pixabay.
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Omicron proves that the Research Center for Islamic Numismatics Tübingen (FINT) too is still challenged by the virus and not in control of the pandemic; many people in Germany are still unvaccinated, and planning (visas etc.) remains difficult. Hence, it seems more advisable and easier to hold their Tübingen ONS Meeting 2022 once more as an (online-only) virtual conference using Zoom (you simply need a webcam). Again, one full day should be sufficient for a digital meeting and this would be Saturday, 7th May 2022.

Last year, FINT’s conference programme was very internationally and diverse, composed of 12 presentations, and they reached not less than 50 participants (simultaneously). Dr. Sebastian Hanstein was very glad to receive so many positive feedback and words of thanks subsequently to that meeting in 2021, and he is already looking forward to your registrations and contributions for this year.


  • 10:30 Uhr – Welcome and News
  • 11:00 Uhr – Alaa Aldin Al Chomari, Tübingen / Desbina BASLAN, Aleppo: Zwischenbericht über ein aktuelles Projekt zur Entwicklung der islamischen Numismatik in Syrien
  • 11:30 Uhr – Stefan Heidemann, Hamburg: Sūrat al-ikhlāṣ, al-fātiḥa or āyat al-kursī – Which One Has Precedence on Early Islamic Coins and Amulets?
  • 12:00 Uhr – Ahmed Mohamed Desouky, Cairo: The relationship between Yaʿqūb b. al-Layth al- Ṣaffār and the ṣāḥib al-Zanj through a rare dirham minted in al-Baṣra
  • 12:30 Uhr – Break
  • 13:30 Uhr – Huda Subeh, Hamburg: Die Münzprägung der Oberemire (amīr al-umaraʾ) unter den ʿAbbāsiden
  • 14:00 Uhr – Lutz Ilisch, Hayingen: Different Aspects of Coinage in Baghdad 364 AH
  • 14:30 Uhr – Alexander Akopyan, Moscow: In motion across the borders: the structures of Georgian numismatics in the long twelfth century
  • 15:00 Uhr – Aram Vardanyan, Yerevan: Monasteries and fortresses as fiscal and coin minting centers in the 14th century Syunik province of Armenia
  • 15:30 Uhr – Break
  • 16:00 Uhr – Azad Iskander, Dallas: A misdescribed rare tanka of the Baghdad branch of the Qara Qoyunlu
  • 16:30 Uhr – José Ramón Vicente Echagüe, Valencia: Hansatsu – Japanese local paper money
  • 17:00 Uhr – Jonathan Ouellet, Leiden: One Hump, Two Hump – Assessing Roman Knowledge of Camels through Trajan’s Coinage


You can register for the online conference by contacting Dr. Sebastian Hanstein via e-mail.

For further information, visit the Research Center for Islamic Numismatics Tübingen website.