Numismática Forense Combines Numismatic and Forensic Studies

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The Argentinian numismatist Diego Alvarez has launched a new website in Spanish language focussed on counterfeits and their detection. He has sent us a short write-up about his undertaking:

A topic that has always worried numismatists has been the falsification of historical forms of money and how to recognize them.

Since the existence of money, forgeries have been produced, and although ancient coins (fake or authentic) are the object of study of numismatics, the same does not happen with modern counterfeiting. Its purpose is to produce an illicit – specifically, a scam – by introducing fake coins in the numismatic market, therefore, its study corresponds to criminalistics.

The aim of Numismática Forense (“Forensic Numismatics”), a recently launched website, is to spread knowledge that allows the determination of monetary forgeries, combining methods of numismatics and criminalistics.


Have a look at the website of Numismática Forense.

You can find more current information on counterfeit coins at the Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation’s website.

Coins Weekly published a series of articles on how to detect forgeries. Here you can find Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.