Numis24: The Perfect Way to Access the World of E-Auctions

The Numis24 platform is designed not only for dealers, but especially for collectors.
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Actually, Numis24 started with a problem: The Austrian auction houses Frühwald Münzen und Medaillen, AV Numismatik and Numismatik Zöttl were in need of a joint system to run their auctions. With an eye on the future, the coin experts had an online solution programmed. At the time – at the beginning of 2020 – they were in the midst of the first phase of the Covid pandemic, on-site auctions were cancelled one by one and everyone was looking for alternatives online. Word quickly spread among experts that there was a new platform in Austria. The three coin dealers Dr Winfried Frühwald, Alfred Vitola and Matthias Zöttl noticed a strong interest among their colleagues and decided to open their internal system to other dealers. This is how Numis24 came about. In December 2020, Numis24 was launched with the slogan “by dealers – for dealers – with dealers”.

Many auctions are already available on Numis24.

The Advantages for Collectors and Buyers

Collectors can register by means of one click, they only have to give very basic information, which will remain on EU servers. Users can enjoy a clear interface with all the options that bidders know from other platforms: pre-bidding, convenient back-and-forth switching between individual lots and the catalogue etc. In short: an environment where collectors can devote themselves entirely to finding new pieces for their collections from an ever-growing number of participating auction houses.

There is only one – pleasant – distraction that users have to deal with in the future: since Numis24 is run by Dr Winfried Frühwald, the publisher and editor-in-chief of the renowned moneytrend journal, the auction platform will soon be filled with lots of exciting articles and contributions from moneytrend in various languages. In this way, users can broaden their specialist knowledge completely free of charge and inform themselves about current events in the coin collecting world.

Using Numis24 Is Worthwhile for Every Dealer

But what does the motto mean for dealers? Numis24 sees itself as a provider of technological solutions that enable dealers to make their auctions available online – in a convenient way and with all the functions users expect from electronic auctions today. However, there is one key difference: Numis24 does not take anything away from the dealer’s economic success. There is no sales commission! If you place your auction at Numis24, you know about the costs in advances because there are fixed – and very moderate – fees depending on the number of auctions and the total turnover. No hidden costs, no pig in a poke.

To make it even easier for interested dealers to enter the booming world of online auctions, Numis24 is currently offering a special promotion: new customers receive the initial setup cost as a welcome gift for placing their trust in Numis24 until 30 June 2022.


Here you can visit Numis24.

Business clients may contact Numis24 by e-mail.