No gold in Fort Knox?

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December 12, 2013 – Are you worried about lacking gold in Fort Knox? Relax, it is there! So says Edmund C. Moy, former director of the US Mint who visited the arguably best protected place on this planet and saw the gold reserves with his eyes – although he did not manually test the characteristics of the 368,000 gold bars as once requested by Ron Paul, representative for Texas. (When the Ministry of Finance stated that this procedure would cost at least 15 million dollars he stepped back from his proposition.) Since 1936 when Fort Knox was built every now and then rumours have come into existence about the gold deposit being empty. The presidents Nixon and Johnson sold most of it according to various conspiracy theories. And, if that was not so, why would the government not allow anybody into the deposit, not even congressmen?
Well, Edmund C. Moy, assures you that there is gold. He is one of the chosen who were able to visit the famous place and tells about the impression this visit made on him in a video. You can watch the film on CoinWeek.

Wall Street Daily refers the common conspiracy theory.

Do you remember how Fort Knox got cracked in ‘Goldfinger’? Here you can see how it might have worked at the epoch

and how James Bond saved the gold (and the conspiracy theories because if he had not, there would not have been any gold at all after 1964).

And if you want to check out, even Fort Knox has an official website.