News from The Perth Mint in February

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February 13, 2014 – The Perth Mint has released new products introducing new series and continuing popular ones.

Tuvalu / 2 TVD / 2oz 999 silver / 62.27g / 40.50mm / Design: Tom Vaughan / Mintage: 1,500.

In ancient Greek mythology, Zeus was worshipped as the supreme ruler of Mount Olympus and the Pantheon of gods that lived there. As a first for The Perth Mint, the 2oz silver coin in this new series Gods of Olympus is struck in high relief to a rimless format with an antique finish, capturing the fine details of Zeus.

Tuvalu / 0.5 TVD / 1/2oz 999 silver / 15.591g / 36.60mm / Design: Ing Ing Jong / Mintage: 6,000.

The connection between a mother and her offspring is unlike any other. The heart-warming new series, Mother’s Love, captures this relationship in the animal kingdom with the inaugural release featuring a lioness and her cub.

Australia / 1 AUD / 1oz 999 silver / 31.135g / 40.60mm / Design: Wade Robinson / Mintage: 5,000.

You can also see the first designs in the 2014 The Land Down Under series. Australia is a continent rich in history and the famed gold rush of 1851 triggered a period of radical transformation for the remote penal colony. Commemorating this important aspect of Australia’s history, The Perth Mint will release a 1oz silver coin …

Australia / 25 AUD / 1/4oz 999 gold / 7.777g / 20.60mm / Design: Wade Robinson / Mintage: 1,000.

… and 1/4oz gold coin, entitled Gold Rush.

Australia / 1 AUD / 1oz 999 silver / 31.135g / 36.60mm / Design: Aleysha Howarth / Mintage: 8,000.

A wonderfully crafted Tasmanian Devil coin is the fifth release in the Australian Opal series, showcasing nocturnal Australian animals created in pure opal. The Tasmanian Devil is a highly distinctive marsupial found only on the island of Tasmania, Australia, and is now listed as endangered.

Australia / 8 AUD / 5oz 999 silver / 155.673g / 65.60mm / Design: Tom Vaughan / Mintage: 5,000.

The 5oz silver proof Year of the Horse coin is also featured this month. Depicting the original 2014 Australian Lunar design, this coin is of the finest quality and will be a limited offering from The Perth Mint, making it a must-have for collectors of the current proof series.

Australia / 1 AUD / 1oz 999 silver / 31.135g / 40.60mm / Design: Michael Guilfoyle / Mintage: Unlimited.

The koala is one of the most beloved animals in Australia. The Perth Mint issues a coloured koala coin in card, struck from 1oz of 99.9% pure silver.

Australia / 1 AUD / Aluminium Bronze / 13.80g / 30.60mm / Design: Tom Vaughan / Mintage: Mint-to-order.

Anzac Day is a day on which Australians honour all those who gave their lives in the service of their country. This year’s tribute salutes the Royal Australian Navy Submarine Service and the worthy men and women who underpin it, reflecting the true ANZAC spirit.

For more information on these products please go to the Perth Mint website.