News from Australia: WWI posters, Shakespeare and Koalas

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April 17, 2014 – To start the new year, the Perth Mint has released new coins of great diversity this March. The coins cover a wide array of topics, from World War I propaganda posters to Shakespeare, Koala bears and superheroes. CoinsWeekly offers you an overview.

Australia/ 1 AUD/1oz/ Silver .999/ 47.6 x 27.6 x 4mm/ Design: Wade Robinson/ Mintage: 5,000.

From World War I posters…
In 2014, the Perth Mint launches the first in a series of coins featuring Australian Posters of World War I. During WWI, in the hope of encouraging men to enlist, a series of posters were used to invigorate enlistment. Australian Posters of World War I is a new series depicting these historic posters during the various stages of the war.

Australia/ 1 AUD/ 1oz/ Silver .999/ 40.6mm/ Design: Wade Robinson/ Mintage: 5,000.

…to the Royal Australian Air Force…
In 2014 the Royal Australian Air Force will celebrate the centenary of the first flight of an Australian military aircraft, the Bristol Military Biplane, or Bristol Boxkite. No more than 5,000 of these commemorative 2014 100 Years of Military Aviation in Australia 1oz Silver Proof Coins will be released.

Tuvalu/ 5 TVD/ 5oz/ Silver .999/ 60.6 mm/ Design: Wade Robinson/ Mintage: 450.

… Shakespeare’s anniversary…
Widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language, William Shakespeare produced plays that remain extremely popular with audiences worldwide centuries after they were first performed.
To commemorate the 450th anniversary of his birth, The Perth Mint is releasing a 5oz Silver Proof Coin, utilising an innovative spiral technique on the coin’s reverse.

Australia/ 1 AUD/ 1oz/ Silver .999/ 40.6 mm/ Design: Ing Ing Jong/ Mintage: 6,000.

…koala bears…
The iconic koala is the fifth design featured in the exciting Australia Map Shaped Coin Series. Struck from 99.9 per cent pure silver, the coin features delightful original artistry and is captured in the shape of Australia.

Australia/ 1 AUD/ 1oz Silver .999/ 40.6 mm/ Design: Peter Trusler/ Mintage: 6,500.

…the Australian Megafauna…
The remarkable Australian Megafauna series goes back in Australia’s history to discover the larger-than-life animals that once roamed our land, with the third release depicting the Genyornis. This incredible flightless bird was heavily built, standing more than two metres tall, with massive hind legs, tiny wings and hoof-like toes.

Australia/ 1 AUD/ 1oz/ Silver .999/ 40.6mm/ Design: Wade Robinson/ Mintage: 7,500.

The eleventh coin from the amazingly popular Australian Antarctic Territory Series features the Wandering Albatross. The Wandering Albatross is one of the world’s most fascinating sea birds, flying further in their lifetime than any other bird on Earth. It also has the largest wingspan of any living bird, measuring up to 3.5 metres.

Australia / 2 AUD / 0.016oz 9999 Gold / 0.5g / 11.60mm / Design: Tom Vaughan / Mintage: Unlimited.

The delicate, button-sized 2014 Mini Roo presents a golden opportunity for anyone to own an iconic Australian gold coin. Extremely affordable, the delightful Mini Roo offers collectors the chance to expand their collection. This coin is a precious collectable or gift that will stand the test of time.

Australia/ 1 AUD/ Aluminium Bronze/ 13.8 g/ 30.60 mm/ Design: Tom Vaughan/ Mintage: Unlimited.

…and superheroes!
The 2014 Young Collectors Superpowers series features six coins, each of which portrays an imaginative and exciting design to represent a superpower, with the first incredible release featuring super senses.

For more information, check out the Perth Mint online.