New publication of material on 19th c. monetary history

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August 1, 2013 – Recently three new volumes appeared in the Moneta series ‘Documents and Studies on 19th c. Monetary History’. These publications aim to republish the main documents related to the question of bimetallism at the end of the 19th century. The series will include several sub-series devoted to the International Monetary Conferences held in various capitals during the second half of the century and to the specific situation of different countries (i.e. India, Japan, United States of America, China, etc.), since the question of monetary systems was a global question. It will also include specific studies on monetary questions and on monetary history.
The scientific community will thus have access to the enormous collection of statistics, analyses, and discussions, on and around the question of gold and silver coinages. These documents will be useful to specialists of the 19th century but also to all specialists of monetary history and in particular to those studying the question of the ratio between gold and silver and the question of gold or silver standard, which are common to all periods.

The latest volumes are no. 153 to 155:
vol. IV (Moneta 153) includes the deliberations of the Chambers of Commerce, 66 replies from the ‘Chambres de commerce françaises’, 2 from the ‘Chambres consultatives des arts et manufactures, 11 from the Chambres de commerce et grandes administrations étrangères.’
vol. V (Moneta 154) includes the Written French and foreign submissions (17 from France; 9 from Germany; 7 from England; 5 from Belgium; 3 from Holland; 4 from Switzerland), giving the complete overview of the European analyses of the monetary situation.
vol. VI (Moneta 155) includes the final Report; Proceedings of the Conseil Supérieur; Related Documents.

For more information please visit the Moneta website.