New Gateway to Italian Numismatic

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by Björn Schöpe

8. Dezember 2011 – A portal that gathers information and material for numismatists making it available online: Exactly to achieve this the Portale Numismatico dello Stato has been conceived. It is part of the “Virtual library” patronized by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finances. One main focus is on the journal Bollettino di Numismatica, which is put online in a digitalized version and searchable with complex options. One day even the monographic special issues shall be available there.

In the section “Institutions and Heritage” there are many materials ranging from today’s legal decisions on collecting and cultural property to essays on the history of collecting and archives. Even virtual tours of medal cabinets are at the user’s disposal.

The third section is composed of the database Iuno Moneta. Yet parts of the Corpus Nummorum Italicorum can be read online. This section is still “under construction”, but nevertheless some information on what exactly will be fed in this database would have been helpful.

Despite of the fact that this portal is addressed to Italian numismatics and related materials, it certainly would be much appreciated by the international community of collectors and numismatists if at least parts of this space like e.g. the database or some general information were available in English too. In that case sure enough those interested in the topic who do not speak or understand Italian might find their way to this intriguing project. Let’s hope this portal has the tenacity to carry on – and to keep finding the financial support!

You can visit the portal clicking here.