New Faroese banknote series

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April 19, 2012 – Since 10 April 2012 an updated version of the Faroese banknote series with new security features is sold in the webshop of the Royal Danish Mint. The motifs are still the well known Faroese animals and Faroese landscapes.

New security features
The Faroese banknote series is upgraded using the most advanced security feature on the market, that is the window thread with a moving wave pattern. Simultaneously the hologram has been superseded by the banknotes face- and reversesymbols. On the reverse of the note a mother-of-pearl thread and fluorescent colour is added.
Up to now there has not been any counterfeiting of Faroese banknotes and with the upgrade of the Faroese banknotes with new security features the aim is to keep it that way.

Sale for collectors
The banknotes are sold at their nominal value. The banknotes will be supplied individually in acid-free plastic pockets. It will not be possible to order low sequence numbers or specific numbers.
To cover the considerable administration involved a handling fee of DKK 200 including VAT will be charged per 10 banknotes.

The motifs

  • Watercolours of Faroese landscapes by the Faroese artist Zacharias Heinesen (b. 1936) are reproduced.
  • Depicts Faroese animals shown as fragments.
  • The banknotes are of the same height, but vary in length by 1 cm between each denomination.
  • The old banknotes remain legal tender, but will gradually be withdrawn from circulation.
  • The coins in the Faroe Islands and in Denmark are the same.

For information on the series visit the website of the Royal Danish Mint.

To access directly to the new Faroese banknotes in the webshop, please click here.