New evidence in “Lord Stewartby Collection case”

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February 16, 2012 – In June 2007 Lord Stewartby’s collection was stolen. This ensemble consists of approximately 1,000 coins and had been assembled in over 50 years. The importance to researchers is even much bigger than the estimated value of 500,000 GBP.

It seems that a BBC Crimewatch appeal could lead to news. Police is now analyzing 40 calls to which the appeal has led.

It is common consent that the rare coins are too well known to be sold anywhere. In addition there is a 50,000 GBP reward for information that may help to regain the collection. Thus one can hope for the numismatic community that the Stewartby Collection is not lost. After all its proprietor had formed the idea to hand it over to the National Museum of Scotland.

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Further information on Lord Stewartby are available on the website of the House of Lords.

Lord Stewartby is a brilliant numismatist and particularly renowned for his knowledge of English and Scottish medieval times. He was awarded by the British Numismatic Society for his book “English Coins 1180-1551”. More on this award on this page.