New euro coins from the Royal Dutch Mint

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January 16, 2014 – After more than a decade, the Royal Mint introduces new euro Dutch coins. The eight denominations of euro coins featuring King Willem-Alexander’s portrait will be issued in early 2014.

On January 22nd, King Willem-Alexander performs the ceremonial First Strike of the new euro coins at the Royal Dutch Mint. The official issuing date for the new euro coins is planned for January 23. On this date, they will also be brought into Dutch circulation – with the exception of 1 and 2 cents.

BU-set Netherlands 2014
The first collector’s set of the new Dutch euro coins featuring King Willem-Alexander in BU quality. The set is themed around Liberation Day and is a part of the five-piece series ‘Dutch World Heritage’.

Proof Set Netherlands 2014
The Proof Set Netherlands 2014 is the first complete coin set of the new proof coins of King Willem-Alexander. The set contains all eight Dutch euro coins, as well as a special 2 euro commemorative coin in proof quality, which will be delivered together with the proof set. The proof set comes in a luxury casing and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Orange Lucky Dime 2014
After the success of 2012, the Royal Dutch Mint will once again be issuing an Orange Lucky Dime in 2014 to bring good fortune at international sports events, such as the Olympic Winter Games and the Soccer World Cup. This official Orange 2014 10 eurocents coin comes packaged in a coin card from which it can be removed, for example to use in a coin toss.
Quality: UNC
Mintage: to be determined

Abdication set part II 2014
Part II of the beautifully designed Abdication Set is closely linked to part I (containing coins featuring Beatrix, issued in 2013), and contains all King Willem-Alexander euro coins in BU quality. Together, the two form a beautiful series and a valuable memory of the change of rule. Each set contains one half of a unique hexagonal Cu/Ni medal.
Mintage part I and part II: 10,000 items each

Like each year, the regular euro coins will be available in UNC quality in the Mintrollpackages, each package containing all eight denominations.

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