New edition of an oldie: The red Gadoury

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by Ursula Kampmann

September 19, 2013 – Actually there is no need to introduce the red Gadoury, the book that comprises French coinage from 1789 to 2013. Now the 21st edition has appeared.

Monnaies françaises 1789-2013. Éditions Victor Gadoury, Monaco, 2013. 475 p. fully illustrated in colour. Hardcover, 15 x 20.7 cm. ISBN: 2-906602-41-8. 29 euros.

Catalogues develop. And a catalogue that has been around for some 40 years has had its time to develop. Images are now in colour, an achievement that must have been quite difficult to accomplish with regard to the very rare pieces. Again a couple of previously unpublished coins were added thanks to users of the ‘Gadoury’ who informed the editors. Francesco Pastrone who took care of the edition has the ambition to make the Gadoury even more complete and user-friendly from edition to edition.

And that, to be honest, is no easy task. Because the optimum has been reached already. Even now the marvelling reader gets 5 prices for different states of conservation. The coins are disposed chronologically, and then arranged according to denominations and types. Besides France the Gadoury lists also Monaco’s coinage from 1640 to 2013, Corsica’s issues and those of the Saarland occupied by France.

Without the publications of Éditions Numismatique Victor Gadoury collecting French coins would be a nearly unconceivable challenge. And the next catalogue is to come soon: Essaies et Piéforts Français 1872-2001, a book yet in the process of being written by Michel Taillard and Michael Arnaud.

You can order the red Gadoury online.
There you may also take a look at the catalogue.

This is the website of Victor Gadoury.

At Fred Pastrone’s invitation CoinsWeekly attended the Grand Bourse of Monaco last year and was impressed by the numismatic highlights. You can read a report on this here.