New book on Byzantine solidus weights

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Klaus Weber, Byzantinische Münzgewichte – Materialkorpus für 1-Nomisma-Gewichte. Studien zur Vielfalt der Ausführungsform, Metrologie und Herstellung. Beihefte zur Zeitschrift für Metrologie 10 (Oktober 2009). “Maß und Gewicht” Verein für Metrologie e. V. 142 pages, 19 plates + 9 colour plates. Paperback. 21 x 30 cm. ISSN 1430-1881.

January 5, 2010 – Metrology is a rather dry subject – this view is held by many coin collectors. Yet still this field is the foundation of numismatics even though often treated as an orphan in reality.
All the better then, that the Society for Metrology has addressed an issue that – being located between numismatics and metrology – promises new insights into the Byzantine gold coining.
Klaus Weber assembled 468 1-nomisma and solidus weights, respectively. All of them are carefully catalogued and illustrated by drawings of good quality. A catalogue of photographs of some pieces is added. In addition to that, Klaus Weber provides a collection of material on weights of semissis and tremissis.
The author investigates his material in regard to the measures of the pieces (there are considerable weight fluctuations), their shapes and inscriptions (incredibly varied), material (bronze for the most part, brass and silver to a notably lesser degree) and production (mostly cast).
This book, therefore, is useful not only to those interested in Byzantine coining but also to anyone writing catalogues of auction sales where sometimes a Byzantine coin weight turns up. Now, they all are given the chance to add a correct citation to it.
The book can be ordered for 25 Euros plus postage at Klaus Schröter, Höhenweg 16, D-58332 Schwelm, email: More information about the Society for Metrology at